Case: Innovation in the culture sector
Description: The TETEM system is a web application with a scheduling module, project management, employee management and more features to manage a cultural organisation.
Published at: 21-02-2017

Tetem is a cultural organisation in Enschede. Tetem hosts expositions and events. Next to that Tetem is also very active in cultural education. With a team of almost 100 employees, freelancers and volunteers, Tetem gives workshops at schools trough out the Netherlands. To be able to efficiently plan and manage the large number of activities and projects, Tetem was looking for a smart system that perfectly fits their processes. In our collaboration we've automated every process step by step.

Accuracy and saving time

The system has been developed to automate as many administrative tasks as possible. This of course saves time, but is also more accurate thanks to clever business rules. Tetem took this even a step further than usual. The system now automatically chooses the best suitable and avilable employees for different tasks. Employees and volunteers then get invited by the system to enroll for the task with just one click.

The system also contains an advanced project management module. In this module smart logic and useful reports help to finish projects successfully. Thanks to these featrues, and other modules like employee management, CRM and calendars, it's possible to run such a large organisation with just a small management team.

Another benefit of having so much automated, is that system can provide all data that's required for the annual reports that are required to get subsidised. By letting the system combine all data, Tetem can now get very detailed and traceable reports with just on click. With this system Tetem is way ahead with their management. This gives them the possibility to really focus on art, culture and education.

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Case: Innovation in the culture sector