Let people do what people do best. Let software do the rest. With this motto we develop custom-made software.

We create smart solutions to improve organizations and we help innovative companies and start-ups with developing their digital products. We've been doing this since 2006. That's why we are very experienced in designing and building web applications, mobile apps and connections between systems.

Our customers like working with us because of our close involvement. We always think ahead in the best interest of our customers. Furthermore we maintain a down-to-earth and transparant approach to our projects.

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Development methods

Developing custom-made software often also requires custom development methods. Every customer is different, but also the type of project and the phase of the project influence our choice for a development method. Developing a prototype requires a different approach than developing an update for a critical enterprise system that's already in production.

At WAME we choose the approach that best fits your projects. Sometimes this is Agile (e.g. DSDM or SCRUM), but sometimes we also choose the traditional but clear Waterfall model.

Development methods custom-made software

Quality has our priority

The quality of the software always has our priority. For every change we automatically check the code for potential problems. With important features we develop automated test cases, that automatically test the functionality at every update. Next to this we have strict and clear work guidelines that ensure the consistency and understandability of the code. This way it will remain easy to add updates in the future.

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